A selection of Character and Species Reference Sheets for Fallenmist Phoenix!

Currently under rework

Feel free to make your own Pyravias, Omirxiri, or any other race you like! I’d love to see them, send me them on Twitter!

Character refsheets:

Feniiku Lumaris (pronounce: Fen-ee-coo Loom-Are-iss)

Ki-Mi-Axinu (pronounce: Key – Me – Axe-ee-new)

Te-Mi-Farinu (pronounce: Teh – Me – Far-ee-new)

Te-Mi-Traxmiu (pronounce: Teh – Me – Tracks-me-ou)

Species refsheets

Pyravias: (pronounce- pie-rav-ee-ah)

-species sheets coming soon-

Note: Pyravias can be transgender (surgery etc is an option but not always chosen), intergender and agender, and have different body shapes, feel free to adapt yours to your liking!

Other species: (coming soon)

Omirxiri: (pronounce- Oh-meer-Zear-ee)

-species sheets coming soon-


-species sheets coming soon-

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