This page shows the main characters in the Trial by Fire prologue comic!

Trial By Fire characters:

Name: Sumetherox Mixinu (Sume)
Occupation: Phoenix Warden to Ki-Mi-Axinu

Sumetherox takes his job very seriously. It isn’t one he’d have chosen for himself, but is one of the highest honours a Pyravia of Arirutaria can receive. He specialises in shadowcraft; the manipulation of shadows into a semi-tangible form, and it enables him to be one of the most effective Wardens in the city’s long history.

When not working, he’s very laid back and wanders the city with his partner, visiting the Astral Plateau and rummaging through the markets for new trinkets to put in his hair. He’s pretty and he knows it, but isn’t particularly vain. He’s a nice, caring guy, but strict; if his personal rules aren’t being followed he gets irritated swiftly. On the rare occasion he makes a joke, no one believes it.

Name: Ki-Mi-Axinu
Occupation: Arirutaria Phoenix

Ki-Mi-Axinu is the most patient of the Phoenixes of Arirutaria, and sees all the Pyravias in the city as her children. She’s kind and loves a good joke, but she’s also very wise. The Pyravias see her as a representation of their hearts. Even after having worked with her most of his life, Sume has trouble telling exactly what she’s thinking, sometimes. She can have a terrifying temper if angered.

Her name translates into ‘Queen of the Heart’.

Name: Maroax Lumaris (Maro)
Occupation: none

Maroax is timid and quiet, often led along by his louder sister in activities that tend to get them into trouble. He normally goes along quietly, enjoying the time with her, but will protest if something doesn’t sit right with him when she suggests it!

Ki-Mi-Axinu has assigned him to Te-Exiqus for his feather, placing him in the role of the city’s prince.

Name: Feniiku Lumaris (Feni)
Occupation: none

Almost the complete opposite to her younger brother, Feniiku can be very headstrong and has a knack for attracting problems. She has a good heart though, but it can take some time to get through to it. If something garners her interest, she’ll happily drag her brother along to join in if she thinks it’s going to be fun!

Ki-Mi-Axinu has assigned her to train with Sumetherox as the new warden for Te-Mi-Farinu.

Name: Te-Mi-Traxmiu
Occupation: Arirutaria Phoenix

Te-Mi-Traxmiu is a proud and clever phoenix, and the Pyravias learn their powerful shadowcrafting abilities from his followers. He has a lot more difficulty speaking the current incarnation of pyri language, so tends to end his sentences with questions to remind listeners of that. The tallest and strongest of the three, he’s also the least likely to be found around the city as he is conscious of how much space he takes up. The eye markings on his tail always seem to follow you, no matter where you are.

His name translates into ‘Prince of the Shadows’.

Name: Te-Mi-Farinu
Occupation: Arirutaria Phoenix

Te-Mi-Farinu is the phoenix that the Pyravias look to for guidance. He’s the smallest of the three phoenixes, though he makes up for it in sheer presence; you’d definitely know if he’s around! He’s very informal and quite demanding, but a kind person at heart. He’s good friends with Te-Exiqus, as he chose him to be the current city ruler. Farinu was absent for 8 years before the city revival festival occurred, and only the other phoenixes and their wardens know why.

His name translates into ‘Prince of the Stars’.

Name:  Kiralil Metetir
Occupation: Phoenix Warden to Te-Mi-Traxmiu

Kiralil is Te-Mi-Traxmiu’s personal warden, and her shadowcrafting specialises in shieldwork. She was trained alongside Sumetherox, but couldn’t craft as well as he could. Still, Traxmiu kept her as his own warden, having approved highly of her staff fighting and her determination to improve. She comes across as cold to most people, but really she just prefers to keep to herself. She’s quite fond of children… but only when they aren’t making her job harder!

Name: Te-Exiqus Taymet
Occupation: Ruler of Arirutaria

Te-Exiqus is the current ruler of Arirutaria; chosen by Te-Mi-Farinu; and the citizens of the city are fond of his leadership. He’s a kind ruler and in his time has helped to negotiate several trade deals with other settlements and races. He’s been waiting for his close friend to be revived for a long time, and intends to spend as much time with him as he can. On a casual day, he wanders the city and talks with its residents, or trades in the market with flowers from his personal gardens for interesting things that others create.

He’s blind in his left eye, and his ear on the same side is torn as a result of a fight that he refuses to divulge the details about, and the Pyravias tend to not ask about it as a matter of courtesy.