A little later than my intended launch but I wanted to be certain I had things set first :)

Welcome to Fallenmist Phoenix!

I would love to explain the full story but hey, that’d be spoiling it before we begin and that’s not fun ;) But if you like fantasy, pretty colours, giant flaming birds and fun characters, please join me as I tell my stories :3

The first page will be uploaded on the 6th June 2015, and will be a page a week schedule for now (until I can find my actual pace with it) So add it to your bookmarks and visit back each weak for more comic!


Also, there’s a tumblr specifically for Fallenmist Phoenix, which you can check out *here* where I’ll upload the occasional preview, wip, or character doodle :P Don’t expect spoilers though, that’d be telling ;)


See you all later!