Is this thing awake?

Good :3 Welp, I’ve been procrastinating on starting my own site/comic/thing for AGES (since 2005/6 ish whoops) so I figured it was about time I got off my butt and did something about it ahahah. (Even if it is somewhat basic in design, as long as it works right? ;))

Gonna start with a short story to set up for the main comic, which will give me some taste of my own art/upload speed if all goes well :)

Once I finish Trial by Fire (aptly named for the practice run I guess), the real story will begin, but Trial will continue to be relevant to the main comic, remaining as an introduction of sorts to the world of this story.


Anyway, much as I’d love to keep babbling, I’m bound to spoil things before they’ve even begun if I do, so let’s leave that there for now ahaha.


Starting soon! (about time!)